Our Services

 An established business since 1928 Sean Mc Manus Jewellers provide an extensive range of after sale services that cover all areas such as jewellery restoration and advice. Over the years our expertise has grown focusing mainly on antique items, but also include modern pieces. Through selling antique jewellery we have built up a large customer base, restoring their heirlooms and precious pieces of jewellery. We give every customer great attention and explain in detail what may be required to restore their piece of jewellery and an estimate for the work involved. Our range of services is as follows:


Jewellery Restoration

We will assess your item of jewellery that is to be restored and advice you on the work that is needed. We can also provide an estimate before the work is carried out. Most antique pieces are of sentimental value so we endeavour to restore the original settings this includes, matching old cut stones, polishing damaged stones and so maintaining the intrinsic value of the piece. We have a vast experience in this area and can work with any age of jewellery.


Jewellery Repair

Antique jewellery is very precious and needs a certain amount of attention; with years of experience in the trade we can repair both old and modern pieces. If you are worried about a piece of jewellery we can examine the condition of it and advise you if work is necessary. If work is needed we will explain exactly what this includes and give you an estimate for the cost.

The repair service includes:

  • Supplying stones
  • Pearl re-stringing
  • Claws re-tipped
  • Ring sizing
  • Chain soldering
  • New shanks
  • Safety chains added
  • Links removed
  • Polishing


Jewellery should be checked on a yearly basis to avoid loss or damage. If there are any other issues you might have with your piece of jewellery please contact us.


Cleaning and Rhodium plating

Antique jewellery can gather huge amount dirt over time; we have various methods to clean most jewellery products. One method is using an ultrasonic machine to clean diamonds and precious metals, this machine sends out high frequencies vibration, which sterilises the product making it look as good as new. If a product has been bought here we have no problem giving it a clean if needed.    

White gold and platinum pieces can be rhodium plated (Rhodium is a member of the platinum family), this gives the item a high polished finish. There is a certain procedure to rhodium plate a product, firstly the item of jewellery has the old rhodium removed, then polished to remove any marks or scratches and lastly the new plating of rhodium is applied, so leaving the piece as new. Customers often have pieces rhodium plated to enhance their lustre.


Watch Repairs

We sell a wonderful range of antique gold and silver, wrist and pocket watches, and so provide a full servicing and repair service of these items. We can also repair modern watches, such as Longines, Omega, etc we will have the item assessed and give an estimate on the cost of repair before any work is carried out.

Battery replacement, straps, glass replacement etc are all part of our service.


Jewellery Design

We also have experience in redesigning items of jewellery, for example a stone set ring where the customer does not like the piece but has a sentimental attachment we can reset the stones and in many cases use part of the old gold mount incorporated into the new piece.



We provide engraving both by hand and machine, including items such as cups, presentation pieces, christening gifts, wedding bands etc. There are many fonts to choose from and our hand engraver can copy a personal script. A hand engraved item leaves a much deeper etching and improves rather than fades with age.